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High-quality production
in Europe and Asia

Our expertise lies within advertising production. We have the ability to manage large productions and we have dedicated teams to manage smaller productions. In that respect, we run a highly scalable operation.

Our production work includes graphics, 3D and motion graphics to name a few – but common for all our work is the cost-efficiency. With the knowhow of our staff in Denmark and our high-quality production setup in Vietnam, we can assure you that you’ll always get your money’s worth.


we are
never asleep

How we organise our production

Our work is organised according to the resources and skills required to meet your needs. And we work closely with you to optimise the entire process. For any large productions, for instance, we instantly take a look at how much of the work can be outsourced to our team in Vietnam. The scalability and flexibility of our Vietnamese office allows us to offer you a high level of service at a low cost. To help achieve this, we’ve set up a process plan that follows three steps:

Step 1: DK Graphic Designer
In the first step, all the work takes place in Denmark. This includes becoming acquainted with your needs, your visual identity and production guidelines. In this phase, the graphic designer manages the production.

Step 2: DK/VN Graphic Designer  
In the second step, we start to outsource the work to our Vietnamese office. We send the brief to Vietnam, and when the materials are ready for layout and feedback, they return them to our Danish office.

Step 3: VN Graphic Designer
In the final step, we outsource all the work to Vietnam. Based on the work and experience of the Danish graphic designers, the brief is sent to our Vietnamese office, where a graphic designer manages the layout, proofreading and adding the finishing touches to the project.




The right technology for the right jobs

We don’t just use the newest technology because it’s new, we use it to yield the best possible results for our clients.

Examples of this are our workflows and digital management systems, which some clients use as distribution centres for marketing materials, while others use them as services to help integrate data in marketing planning systems or web shops.

Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that the technology we use always serves a purpose for the project at hand.