Our production setup

When working with us, you’ll have the support of a dedicated team whose core objective is to help you succeed. With a diverse range of specialists, we deliver high quality assets – from artwork and print designs to digital, 3D and motion graphics – all produced cost-efficiently in one place.


We make it as easy as possible for our clients to achieve all their marketing production needs, no matter if it’s large scale or ad-hoc productions.

We provide a full-service production setup which allows our clients to easily plan their projects, campaigns or tasks and order them quickly. Our experienced teams and project managers will take every project from initial planning to marketing execution, ensuring speedy delivery, the highest quality, and complete brand compliance.

First-class production teams

Our production unit is made up of eight departments, each one looking after their own jobs and clients. Highly skilled specialists in Creative, Packaging, Image, Layout, Artwork and prepress, 3D Motion, and Digital and Project Management are supported by a department head who is responsible for resource planning, as well as hiring and developing top-shelf design and production talent.

If you have any doubts about what you need to provide us with to get started, our teams and project managers will support you with the relevant information. For example, if you have an idea for an animation, our 3D motion team will help you bring it to life by creating an engaging concept and storyline.


Dedicated project managers

We always aim to provide a first-class customer service to our clients. After all, we know how stressful life can sometimes be.

Dedicated project managers are available in all of our offices. They act as a single point of contact for our clients and handle all communication with the production departments, ensuring projects are clearly briefed and executed as efficiently as possible. Through this approach, we’re able to streamline the entire production process and save you valuable time.

All our client-facing team members are fluent in English, as well as their mother tongues: Danish, Norwegian, German, French, Spanish or Vietnamese.


Specialist support at every step

Behind our first-class production teams is an entire back office of equally skilled support staff dedicated to giving you the best service and experience. Our IT specialists keep your assets and intellectual property secure while ensuring rapid file delivery. And our onboarding and process teams support you from the very moment you start working with us, optimising your production setup and internal processes with the latest automation systems.


Working smarter

At SPRING Production, we pride ourselves on working smarter with efficient workflows. Using a range of automation tools and our bespoke collaboration platform SPRING MAP, we transform wasted hours into genuine time- and cost-savings from the start.  Through these tools, we identify inefficiencies and work hard to optimise them with precise, lean processes. From briefing procedures and asset execution to production feedback and content management, our working relationships are defined by their efficiency and productivity.



We never sleep

One of the huge advantages of a multi-site, global production facility is the edge it gives us over local competitors. In short, while you sleep, we’re still working to make sure your project is completed in the shortest possible timescale – with no compromise on quality.

Along with our split-shift working patterns, it means we’re able to act fast on your requests and decrease response times to a minimum.


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