Automating your specific market needs

In today’s highly competitive world, businesses need their marketing materials delivered faster than ever before, and it’s pushing marketing production processes to the brink. To cope with this demand, many are turning to automation to help them save money and speed up their creative content production.  But is it possible to benefit from automation without investing in a costly IT project first?

The simple answer is yes. Our goal isn’t to sell you an expensive automation platform, we simply utilise the skills of our specialist developers to create solutions fit for purpose. If you have data of any kind – whether it be an ERP system, a campaign management system or just a simple spreadsheet – we can optimise the production process through our efficient automation tools. It could be transferring your data to predefined InDesign, banner, or motion graphic templates, or creating a new language or price version of a catalogue – all it takes is a few clicks.

Update your assets faster than ever before

If your company needs retail leaflets or product catalogues of any kind, then you know that constant copy, data and price updates are required. To simplify this process, we are able to fully automate the update process. Clients update their data sources with the latest information and send it to us, then we use our automation tools to quickly update the assets in InDesign. It’s as simple as that.

The benefits are clear: we can update hundreds of pages in an instant, which saves you valuable time, and reduce human error to ensure your assets are always consistent.

We script our way out of repetitive tasks

At SPRING Production, we always work smarter. Our production teams use a number of automation tools to streamline the most time-consuming graphic tasks.

Our developers write scripts and build templates to automate repetitive tasks in programs like Photoshop and InDesign. This way, we stop our graphic designers from wasting time on manual actions like image placement, content checks, file exports and formatting. This means they can focus on the important stuff and complete tasks faster than ever before.

Lightning fast 3D production

For large-scale 3D productions, automation is essential for building an efficient workflow. We use scripts and templates to prepare the 3D assets our clients send to us, which can save hundreds of hours over the course of a project.

For example, if a client requires 3000 GCI renders for their latest campaign, our developers will create preparation scripts that automatically clean CAD files and implement naming conventions, which can save our 3D team up to three minutes per file. So, 3000 X 3 mins = 9000 mins. That’s a total saving of 150 hours! Sometimes it’s the small things that count.

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Working smarter


Working smarter
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Working smarter
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