SPRING Map - our marketing automation platform

Beginning any new project - from 3D & motion to graphic design projects - requires an enormous amount of planning and collaboration. With many briefs to write, multiple tasks to complete, constant approval processes and the need to tightly control budgets, businesses frequently lose transparency between departments and find it difficult to keep track of projects. When this happens, budgets tend to soar, and quality and consistency often decline. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

The road to efficiency

To help our clients gain a complete overview of how their projects are progressing, we created SPRING MAP, a collaboration platform for managing the production and implementation of any project, no matter how complex.

SPRING MAP allows our teams to collaborate with clients through a custom, predefined workflow. It provides a holistic overview of how a project is progressing – from briefing to delivery­ – and allows stakeholders to define their own processes, helping them gain full control of every task. Notifications alert users when they need to take action so nothing is ever missed.


Step into the cockpit

With SPRING MAP, briefing tasks has never been easier. By using pre-defined templates and custom workflows, stakeholders can better control estimations and simplify planning and proofing rounds ­­– all within the same workflow.

The platform is highly flexible and can be set up based on a company’s unique needs. Dashboards on both group and personal levels grant all stakeholders a 360-degree view of any project – from campaign overviews to individual tasks. It’s like stepping into a state-of-the-art cockpit: you get full control and complete visibility.


SPRING MAP can also optimise the asset workflow by working as part of the production process or as a stand-alone DAM platform. You can gather both briefing elements and final assets and create streamlined workflows that help structure your projects.

Assets can be managed and shared either by role, permission-based access, or automatic distribution.

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