Efficient catalogue production built on trust and hardcore business

“When we look at other solutions we cannot find anyone who’s better”.


Marketing Director at JYSK, Michael Gade, is very clear in explaining why he has just signed a new 2-year contract with SPRING Production for the production of JYSK’s physical and online catalogues on all markets. Considering that SPRING Production has been doing the job since 2010, the announcement may not be that much of a newsflash – but to Michael Gade length of service is no guarantee.


“When we scout the market, price and reliability of delivery play a very important role in catalogue production. These are core conditions that must be in place. Without a doubt, it’s a strong advantage if a partner understands how we work and can help to optimise the flow. Digital solutions, for instance, are increasing in numbers and formats, and we need to be at the very forefront. SPRING Production simply delivers a very competitive setup in all parameters,” says Michael Gade, who recently took on the marketing responsibility for an additional seven markets and a total marketing budget of close to 2 billion DKK, following the merger between JYSK and Dänisches Bettenlager earlier this year.


Production time cut in half

It is no secret that the collaboration between JYSK and SPRING Production in the past four years has brought significant results. This was possible by constant optimisation. The number of proof rounds on the catalogues has gone from four to two, while the time usage per page has been reduced by 50%, same as the price per page. Equally important, the catalogues can now be produced much closer to the distribution date, which makes it possible to include the newest products.


One of the reasons why SPRING Production can deliver such an attractive and competitive product is a highly professional and streamlined setup in Vietnam. To Lars Bo Hansen- the CEO of SPRING Production, the strong focus on process optimisation is quite essential.


“Requirements change, volumes change and so does the technology. Therefore, even small process adjustments can have a huge impact for a player as big as JYSK. That’s why we never rest on our laurels- almost always there’s something that can be at least slightly improved. It is our clear ambition to not merely deliver the best price but also the best product”.


The benefits of the long relationship

Even though price is an important factor for JYSK when they ask suppliers for tenders, Michael Gade does not question the benefits of long-term relationships.


“There comes a trust that can only be achieved over time. If anything happens, we fix it openly and honestly because we share the same goal. Also, it’s a huge advantage that SPRING Production knows us so well and works proactively in terms of where to optimise and how to do things better. They simply make our lives easier,” says Michael Gade and adds:


“In JYSK, it’s our ambition to work with the best in all areas. Should anyone who’s able to match SPRING Production in both price and performance come along, we’ll naturally take a look at them. We just haven’t seen it so far – and I’m actually happy about that. It’s a privilege to be able to continue to work with the same supplier, and it’s what we prefer”.


About JYSK

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About SPRING Production

SPRING Production has offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hamburg, Manchester, Copenhagen and Aarhus and employs more than 200 people.