SPRING Production launches Manchester’s newest marketing implementation agency

SPRING Production is delighted to announce its launch in the UK. The marketing implementation agency will focus on supporting high-profile clients by providing an ever-expanding range of services, covering motion graphics, 3D visualisation, animations and CGI production, as well as digital and traditional graphic services, content creation, versioning, and app and web development.

Starting life in 1995 as an emerging digital reprographics and prepress agency, SPRING Production quickly established themselves as a front runner in applying new technologies to their working processes; this foresight and investment proved to be fertile ground for rapid growth, allowing the business to expand their services and impact in an increasingly competitive market. Headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, and with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hamburg and Copenhagen, the company has developed into a true global player over the past 25 years, with staff numbers now exceeding 250. This trend of expansion has not slowed either: by seizing the opportunity to enlarge its global footprint in Manchester, the organisation has become the newest dedicated marketing implementation agency to operate out of the city.

“Our German and Vietnamese offices have experienced unprecedented growth in recent years thanks to our continued investment in innovation, talent and technology,” said Lars Bo Hansen, CEO of SPRING Production. “And we see the UK as the most natural area for expansion –– it is a place ripe for development, a place where we can build stronger client relationships and enhance our competencies beyond standard offerings.”

SPRING Production is built on a culture of collaboration, honesty and optimisation –– across borders, cultures and industries, their vision for working “Better Together” speaks stridently of their desire for continuous improvement and co-operation. This philosophy has enabled the Danish organisation to position themselves as a highly competitive and trusted partner capable of delivering large-scale, efficient solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands.

The strength of SPRING Production lies in its adaptable, dedicated aptitude for providing high quality marketing implementation and collateral. UK Head of Operations Simon Misra said, “Be it mass graphic production or complex 3D motion, intuitive app and web development or simple versioning, the capabilities of SPRING Production are designed to act as an extended arm of the client’s business, accommodating them with cost-effective capacity and streamlined processes.”

Partnering with creative agencies and global brands such as Arla, LEGO, Grundfos, JYSK and Maersk, SPRING Production is no stranger to working with the world’s best. “Our track record of developing deeply co-operative and honest relationships with clients has allowed us to work with confidence and insight –– and it shows,” said Lars Bo Hansen, “Our client list continues to grow because we are always optimising and improving…we can’t wait to show the UK market what SPRING Production is all about.”


SPRING Production is a marketing implementation agency that specialises in executing and versioning global marketing campaigns, safeguarding brand guidelines, facilitating stringent quality control, and developing a wide range of graphic, digital and 3D/motion content for both online and offline platforms. Founded in 1995, our reputation has been built on adding value to high-profile businesses and creative agencies with scalable solutions and versatile service provisions. Now, with over 250 employees working in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Manchester and Ho Chi Minh City, we work tirelessly across borders and cultures to provide clients with a deeply co-operative approach and flexible, optimised workflows. We are always better together.