Why does this single word hold so much power in the world of marketing?  

The recession will require companies to act. Tough times do not require that you take a step back. You must stay current, but in a more effective way. Be pro-active and find solutions.

Centralisation could be one of them.

Advantages of centralising

One touch point

The convenience of having one touch point with access to multiple skillsets. With only one point of contact, you can ensure consistent content rollout, across multiple channels and markets. You’ll have easy access to our team of 350+ specialists who are eager to help you rise to every challenge. You can benefit from reduced micromanagement (less wasted labor) and allow your team to spend more valuable time on developing strategies and securing future business.  

HQ gains more control

During a recession, it’s important to focus on what we can control. By centralising global marketing activities, your HQ will have more control and with it, increased brand consistency too. Plus HQ will have more overall control of costs and output.  


According to leaders in marketing procurement – transparency will be key for companies to survive. Centralisation offers more control, and with control comes more transparency – both in ways of working and in cost structures. Transparency will allow you to cut back on wastage, and possibly save you some marketing spend.  


This is another key factor to effectively combat the recession. Your suppliers must be flexible – allowing you to pay for services as and when you need them. SPRING Production offers execution services that are flexible, scalable, and agile. Yes – all the buzz words – but they hold a lot of value in marketing.  

If you’re currently working in a more segmented manner, the thought of centralising  marketing activities can leave you feeling apprehensive. And at a time when companies are understandably preoccupied with figuring out how to deal with the recession, centralisation can seem like too big of a task.  

But there is a reason why global companies prioritize centralisation – it’s considered a necessary growing pain, and once streamlined, your marketing department will benefit from the well-oiled marketing machine you’ve created.  

Now more than ever, companies must focus on what is important – and marketing is one of the most important functions of a company. Your brand must remain top of mind. Don’t compromise on your marketing activities– find ways to do them better. 

This is essentially what we do. We consider ourselves your long-term partner, and we take the time to look for inefficiencies in marketing processes.  

SPRING Production is incorporated as the Marketing Execution Partner of over 50 established brands. We optimise operations by centralising the production and adaptation of global marketing assets. Adopting a more centralised approach to your marketing processes can offer many advantages, but here are the more common ones… 

We make Strategic Partnerships

When connected with us, you aren’t growing your business alone. We believe that strategic partnerships are more efficient and beneficial than a provider-client relationship. When working in a long term partnership, this is where our company saying really comes to life – that we are Better.Together.