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Providing education for children

SPRING Production proudly supports the ‘Saigon Children’s Charity’ to help provide a better future for underprivileged children in Vietnam.

Ever since we started working with the charity in 2010, we’ve funded five children right through their graduation in the 11th grade. In total, we currently sponsor 22 students.


About the charity

In 1992, the Saigon Children’s Charity was founded. Its main purpose was to help Vietnamese children in need and give them a brighter start in life. 25 years later, the charity is still going strong as they continue to focus on the educational needs of Vietnam’s most disadvantaged children.

Our role in the children’s lives

We believe that investing in children’s education is a key component in creating a brighter future. As a proud supporter of the Saigon Children’s Charity, SPRING Production sponsors 22 students in Mekong Delta. By sponsoring these children, we can help provide them with a high school scholarship that not only pays for their school fees, but also their books and their school uniforms. Such a scholarship gives the children a solid foundation from which they can build even further on their education or pursue their preferred career path straight from high school.

We invest in the children we sponsor and we take a genuine interest in developing them professionally and personally. Therefore, we visit them once a year to engage in a day of fun activities, while we also get an idea of how they’re developing and how they’re doing personally. To show our appreciation for the immense effort they put in every single day, we bring gifts for all the children that we sponsor.

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