How we work

SPRING Production
never sleeps

It may sound like a cliché but we promise it’s true - SPRING Production never sleeps. This is just one of the many benefits of our Danish-Vietnamese production setup which allows us to operate in multiple time zones. We like to say that the cross-continent cooperation is a lean, highly efficient production machine with a human face.


We are more than 200 people in SPRING Production. The size of our agency gives our clients a guarantee that we can handle large volumes of work at any given time with a fast time-to-market reaction. Our scalability, however, is not just due to the workforce – it is also thanks to the constant optimisation and a high degree of automation which we apply wherever it benefits the costs. 

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One-stop shopping

Marketing today requires many types of content for many channels on many markets. This forces companies to turn to different agencies with each task. With our production setup, you can get anything from artwork to print, digital, 3D and motion graphics produced cost-efficiently in one place.

What we do


As a client, you will have a person responsible for all of the communication between your company and our agency. While you are in contact with only one person, there is an entire team behind the scenes. They are equally dedicated to your projects and up-to-speed with your requirements. Rest assured that we always have your best interest at heart and work proactively to optimise all parts of the process to your best benefit.

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Round-the-clock operation

The time difference of 5 hours in summer and 6 hours in winter between Denmark and Vietnam gives us a head start and increases our efficiency. While you are asleep, someone on the other side of the globe is working on your task to deliver it to you by the time you get into work. Some of our largest Vietnamese teams work in day/evening shifts to provide our clients with the best service.

The foundation of everything we achieve is a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. It allows us to effortlessly transfer extensive files and data loads across continents – fast and with the highest degree of security.

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