Tools make all the difference
in lean production

Structure and lean production require not only the right people but also the right tools – and we use a selection of the very best in our daily operation. Some of the tools come from leading vendors while others are specially developed by own in-house software wizards to solve very specific production needs.

Automation tools

If you have data of any kind – from an ERP system, campaign management system or plain excel – it’s more than likely that we can optimse production by means of automation tools. It could be generating your data into pages in predefined InDesign templates, or creating a new language/price version of a catalogue with a few clicks on a button.

Our own developers can also build customised solutions for special needs. In some cases, repeating tasks can be fully automated and built into existing flows/systems.


Proofing tools

A good proofing solution keeps the number of proofing rounds down. Why? Because when you gather all communication in one place you increase transparency and get an easy overview of the corrections – which can be crossed off as done for everyone to see once they’ve been implemented. Comments can also be controlled so that you can have an internal layer of comments visible for only a select few in the final correction stage.

In SPRING Production, we use different proofing tools depending on the task at hand. Which we choose depend on the amount and type of work along with the kind of governance and project management required.

Digital asset
management tools

For more than 15 years, we’ve been developing digital asset management (DAM) tools to optimise production processes. Gathering your assets the right way makes facilitation fast and easy – and we automatically make our platform available to you as part of a collaboration and workflow setup.

Assets can be managed either by role or permission-based access or by automatic distribution in the right format and size to other systems. We also offer to work on our client’s systems, managing assets by uploading them, assigning metadata and creating packages and maintaining the basic structure.

Hi-speed file transfer and tracking tools

It goes without saying that we rely on a very large band with for our cross-continent operation. We use the latest FASP protocol along with next generation software to ensure data delivery at maximum speed and benefit from a tracking platform which follows every file from A to Z. 

As part of our file transfer workflows, we can also eliminate a range of manual work and handling by having your files sorted and delivered the right way, to the right channels and optimised to the right format.