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News/Agency Spring doubles its employees in less than a year

/ 27.10.2017

Agency Spring doubles its employee number in less than a year

In less than a year, advertising agency, Agency Spring – which main office is based in Aarhus, Denmark – has doubled the number of Vietnamese employees in its Marketing Implementation Agency, Agency Spring, Xpress. Today, the Vietnamese unit, located in Ho Chi Minh City, consists of 90 employees. To create a greater distinction between itself and its creative sister agency, the Marketing Implementation Agency will go under the name SPRING Production.

There’s approximately 9,400 kilometres from Agency Spring’s half-timbered house in Aarhus, Denmark to its minimalistic and streamlined office community in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City. However, words quickly turn into action when these two Agency Spring units exchange work assignments every day.

The Vietnamese office consists of 90 employees who – together with 30 employees in Aarhus – make up a Marketing Implemention Agency, which is responsible for the production of digital and analogue advertising elements as well as implementing these in a number of markets. In just 12 months, the number of employees at the Vietnamese unit has doubled, while there’s also a steady progress in Aarhus. To keep up with this rapid development, the Marketing Implementation Agency will now be known as SPRING Production. According to Lars Bo Hansen, Managing Director at SPRING Production, pivotal factors played a part in this decision-making process.

"Originally, it only paid off sending larger projects to our Vietnamese office, but over the last few years we’ve applied a model that makes it possible to send smaller assignments on an ad hoc basis. It creates a distinction between creative development and sheer production, and it is that very distinction we are highlighting by changing our name to SPRING Production", he says.

By creating this distinction, SPRING Production can ensure that the quality of the production is higher, while the cost is lower. At the same time, it removes any unnecessary noise from the creative development process. This benefits clients as well as business.

"It’s definitely more suitable and profitable for the clients. Considering that we can send several types of assignments to our Vietnamese office, we can customise a solution that oozes quality, but is also delivered at a good price. Like our talented team in Aarhus, our team in Vietnam possesses all the required qualities to deliver great results", says Lars Bo Hansen.

SPRING Production carries out a wide range of digital and analogue production and versioning assignments for clients such as LEGO, Maersk, Grundfos, JYSK, Arla and XL-BYG to name a few. These assignments include the production of 20,000 brochure papers, versioning of more than 1,000 films and packaging production for a number of large clients.

When Vietnamese efficiency meets a Danish mindset

The increasing progress in Vietnam is also the result of a good balance between Vietnamese and Danish work culture that characterises the office in Ho Chi Minh City:

"We have a number of Danish and European project managers positioned in Vietnam. That way, we ensure that potential language barriers and misunderstandings are reduced. Furthermore, we can keep transaction costs down and ensure that both the quality and process match Danish standards. Along with the fast, efficient and quality-conscious work provided by our Vietnamese employees we have a very good balance", explains Lars Bo Hansen.

"We are a Marketing Implementation Agency. Not only can we manage both large and small productions, we can also roll them out on a vast number of formats and elements. Thus, our clients can get the exact solution they want and we can prepare the materials for roll-out"

- Lars Bo Hansen, Group Director for Spring Production

A scalable and efficient production process

The name change itself hasn’t just occured out of the blue. The company’s progress in Vietnam shows that the demand for sheer production is there. And this is exactly where SPRING Production intends to assert itself:

"We are a Marketing Implementation Agency. Not only can we manage both large and small productions, we can also roll them out on a vast number of formats and elements. Thus, our clients can get the exact solution they want and we can prepare the materials for roll-out", says Lars Bo Hansen and goes on:

"Additionally, the ”follow-the-sun” procedure is a massive advantage for us and our clients.

If we send production materials to Vietnam in the afternoon, they’ll return the finished materials first thing in the morning the following day. Both our departments play a hugely important part in finding the perfect solution for the given assignment."

With the increased demand and ongoing success, SPRING Production is expected to grow even further in the coming years.

Expanding to new markets

The demand for production is not only present in Denmark and Vietnam. It’s also noticeable in several European markets. This has led to SPRING Production’s latest project: the opening of a new, small office in Hamburg, Germany.

"An office in Hamburg provides us with a better platform from which we can service our German clients. It also places us on the map in terms of attracting new clients in Germany. This is really exciting for us as we see a massive growth potential in the German market", underlines Lars Bo Hansen.

SPRING Production is represented in Denmark, Vietnam, Germany and United Kingdom. Read more about SPRING Production at on the website.

About Agency Spring & Spring Production

Agency Spring Group comprises 195 employees spread across Aarhus, Copenhagen, Ho Chi Minh City, Manchester and Hamburg. In addition to SPRING Production, the company consists of Agency Spring – a creative agency whose work includes brand strategy, concept development, roll-out of global campaigns, digital consultancy and customer programmes. The agency’s client portfolio consists of retail clients and industry giants on a global scale.



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