As consultants, we help group marketing companies in high-profile international companies decouple marketing production from marketing development through the implementation of a three-tier marketing model. In this capacity, we help companies identify tasks that can profitably be transferred to a marketing execution agency. This will typically be tasks that do not require extensive knowledge of the company’s markets or products.

We also offer advice and guidance on how group marketing departments can manage and optimize processes that involve local markets and third-party agencies and suppliers. Here, our main contribution is to establish clear lines of communication and structured work processes that improve transparency and brand consistency.

Through our consultancy and subsequent services, we help our clients achieve cost savings that can be reinvested into increased marketing development or help turn high fixed costs into significantly lower - and variable - costs.

Our consultants work closely with our clients to build dedicated, scalable teams and establish the workflows and cooperative principles that will allow the client to decouple marketing production from marketing development – both globally and locally. This centralization of marketing production will increase cost transparency and brand consistency, but also facilitate ROMI and KPI measurement.