Check-Up Marketing Department

The past few months have turned the world upside down, and companies and especially marketing departments have learned the necessity of being agile and quick to react to such immense and unexpected changes. Situations like these raise a lot of caution and questions as to how a company may endure.

Does the set-up of the marketing team still fit? What are the roles and personas in the team? What is still missing? How have the interfaces in the company changed? How is the interaction with all stakeholders? Are the workflows still running accordingly?

These considerations are of central importance. In the case of changes and developments, it is worthwhile to look at them regularly and adjust them accordingly. With a new point of view and fresh impulses from outside, we look at all these concerns and provide you with clarity by finding answers to the WHAT, WHEN, WHO, HOW, and WHY.

These contents await you

In order to identify your relevant stakeholders for immediate use and to put them in relation to your project, we create a stakeholder map. You can be curious about the effect this will have on you.

Together we talk about your objectives and work out a first milestone planning. Analysing dependencies and showstoppers in relation to this is also of vital importance. By doing so, you will be provided with a clear idea of how to proceed with your next steps.

Your workflows play a central role here as we, in collaboration, can identify and outline the ones central for you, and which ones may be potentially missing, and, thereby, provide you with clarity.


This is what you will take away with you:

- Stakeholder map for further use

- Central workflows and possibly missing ones identified

- Challenges made clear

- Next Steps

- Written summary of findings from meetings


What's in it for you at a glance:

Through this important check, guided by outside support and sparring, you now know the WHAT, WHEN, WHO ,HOW and even the WHY.

Compactly and quickly, we look at the tasks and the role distribution in the team and may roughly examine central workflows and identify the ones missing in the process. In addition to this, the service provider landscape can also be briefly listed and evaluated.

Consequently, you will achieve clarity and structure on these topics, and will be able to identify starting point in order to expand the potential of your marketing.


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