Deep Dive: Marketing - Cost and Efficiency Analysis

The past few months have turned the world upside down, and companies and especially marketing departments have learned the necessity of being agile and quick to react to such immense and unexpected changes. Situations like these raise a lot of caution and questions as to how a company may endure.

Does the set-up of the marketing team still fit? What demands are there on marketing? In addition to this, increasing demands, cost pressure, and the desire for transparency are also on the rise. How is the interaction with relevant agencies and service providers? Do the competencies and roles in the team match the requirements? Where do you want to go in the future?

With a view and impulses from outside, we look at all these points and create clarity for you by finding answers to the WHAT, WHEN, WHO, HOW, and the WHY.

These contents await you

We take a look at your cost structure together. We also analyse the needs and requirements that are placed on marketing. Because the time of your marketing department is worth money as well. The ACTUAL analysis is put into relation with the future development wishes and a Make or Buy decision template is worked out. This way you have all relevant fixed and variable costs at your disposal and know exactly under which conditions further development can proceed with.


This is what you will take away with you:

- Transparent evaluation of variable and fixed costs

- A decision template for make or buy

- Impulse for further development


What's in it for you at a glance:

This Deep Dive will provide you with an overview of the relevant fixed and variable costs. Thus, you know exactly where you stand and where you want to be. Or which prerequisites still need to be created. Important transparency and impulses for the further development of your marketing department.

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