Kick-Starter Tier-Model and Potential

Separating marketing strategy and marketing conception from marketing production is worthwhile for many reasons. But what exactly can this look like for your company? What does it mean exactly? And what are the concrete benefits and potentials for your company? In this kick-starter, we'll examine these questions together.

These contents await you:

- Short presentation of the advantages of this way of working

- How does marketing work in the 3 Tiers?

- How other companies work this way?

- How other companies made the change?

- Discussion and impulses for first approaches, how this can fit the company?

- Follow-up sparring


What you will take away with you:

- Jointly identified potentials and optimization approaches for your marketing

- Possible Next Steps 

What's in it for you at a glance:

After this kick-starter, the WHY and first steps, and impulses of HOW will become very clear. We will provide a clear understanding of the advantages of a separation of the marketing strategy and marketing conception from the marketing production. In addition to this, initial impulses, and approaches of how this may be done will be visualised along with concrete advantages that this initiative accompanies for your enterprise

The derived next steps provide further clarity on how the topic may be further advanced and implemented in the company.

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