Potential check

Separating the development of marketing strategy and concepts from the physical production of marketing materials can be valuable for many reasons, but the potential benefits differ from company to company. Many factors come into play when decoupling is on the agenda, and before we can estimate the benefits of working together, we must jointly review the collaboration possibilities with a potential check.


Pains and Gains

Focus Topics

Marketing Setup

Tactics and strategy

Next Steps

A potential check depends on your situation

A big part of our concept is to find the best way we can work together, so first we must make sure that we are a good fit. No two companies are alike and every company comes with different needs. A potential check will allow us to explore your needs and discover if we can help you reach your full potential.

We may find that the potential is simply not there. It’s always a good idea to perform a quick evaluation before initiating a partnership. 

First we will provide a clear understanding of the advantages of decoupling production from development. We will discuss some of the common pains and gains, and then decide on focus topics. We want to be sure that we don’t miss the target.

Then we’ll look into exactly who will participate in the process.
With a stakeholder map, it will become more clear who you need to be involved in the project and who you need onboard. 

We look at the tasks and role distribution in your team, and we may roughly examine central workflows to identify possible missing pieces. Your service provider landscape can also be briefly evaluated. With this in mind, we can decide what the next steps would be. 

Every company is unique, we won’t put you in a box. Instead we adjust to your business. In some cases it can be a brief overview, focusing on a simple outline. Other times we may need to take a deeper dive. It all depends on your business and what we can do for you. 

Think of it as an inspiration session, or a sharing of insights.
In the process we’ll discover if we’re a good fit. Let’s find out…

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