What do we do for Aldi?

SPRING Production provide a wide range of packaging solutions and substrates for Aldi. We assist in the roll out of a large volume of SKUs and ranges across variety of FMCG categories. Our work for Aldi includes:

  • Packaging design
  • Developing pack structure and range consistency
  • Delivering quality packaging designs across a diverse set of pack formats and sizes – flow wraps, boxes, bottles, cans and containers

Why SPRING Production?

Aldi were searching for partners with a deep understanding of FMCG trends and extensive experience in implementing own label brands across a wide variety of SKUs – it was important that Aldi’s lead agency had the confidence to work collaboratively and quickly with the chosen partners.

SPRING Production work closely with brands and creative agencies across the world to execute seamless and coherent brand designs and collateral. With extensive experience in adapting to new working processes and delivering strong brand designs that signal quality and value to the market, SPRING Production were able to provide Aldi and their lead agency with:

  • A wealth of experience in FMCG packaging design and a robust knowledge of the litigation constraints associated with executing own label branding
  • A highly responsive and flexible design and implementation process that adapted to the evolving needs of the client
  • Short turnaround times within tight deadlines



With over ten years of working with Aldi and their lead agency, SPRING Production has been critical to the delivery of Aldi’s chilled food, laundry and household, energy drink, alcohol, and snack ranges. Throughout our working relationship, we have adapted to the ever-evolving needs of the client and successfully collaborated with select printers and reprographic houses to deliver cost-effective projects on time and to exacting standards. This deeply co-operative workflow is facilitated by dedicated project management, sensitive art direction and scalable service provision, ensuring the client’s vision is consistently satisfied.