SPRING Production’s vast range of digital competences includes the development of HTML5 banners, websites, apps, SharePoint sites, and much more. Common for all our digital work is that it’s split between our offices in Denmark and Vietnam, ensuring a streamlined and cost-efficient digital process.

Website development

We make the website development smooth and cost-efficient. We are dedicated to deliver a high-quality development process. Every step of this process is carefully designed to ensure that your website is made according to your needs.

Programming is a key area that sets us apart from our competitors and shows how great of a solution our multinational setup is. Specialists in our Vietnamese office have the expertise required to manage and configure the CMS-system, as well as program the templates. The process is completely streamlined according to Danish standards, meaning that you can make significant savings without worrying about any drawbacks of the overall quality.

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App development

Your customers will be grateful for the added value and service you provide them with. There are many reasons why having an app is a good idea and our developers have the expertise to guide you from a concept to a finished product with a steady hand. We pay close attention to details – making sure your app is intuitive, future-proof, easy to maintain and develop further. Customer expectations are rising quickly and your app must be able to keep up. 

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Development of HTML5 banners

Do you remember when banners were sad, static affairs with little or no room for interaction? Fortunately, those days are over. Today you can release your creativity and create engaging display campaigns. You will benefit from higher attention and better click-through rates. We will help you get there in the smoothest and most cost-efficient way possible.

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Website maintenance

Does your website need a brush-up? Often just a little maintenance can go a long way and we’ve got the experience required to get your website up to speed – no matter if it is an upload of new content or development of new functionalities.  

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Data & asset maintenance

We can help you monitor, protect and manage your assets. What does it mean to you? Boosting productivity and efficiency all at once. It’s been proven, data maintenance effectively leads to an increased return on investment – more organized assets help to easily identify the risks involved and to come up with solutions to avoid then.

Versioning of digital material

In SPRING Production, we have the knowhow and the tools to make all versioning jobs a swift and cost-efficient affair. Over the years, we’ve helped companies version everything from websites to apps and banners – and we’re confident you’ll find our service very valuable, too.

We’ll get the job done in a heartbeat. All we need are translations which you can either provide yourself or, if your materials have not yet been versioned into the relevant languages, we can have our specialists take care of that.