Transform your old, dull photographs into breathtaking images. With cutting-edge software, our colour correction team can breathe new life into any visual, making use of their extensive experience in image enhancement.
Our team is highly skilled in colour matching, colour adjustment, image colouring and re-colouring, as well as being proficient in changing and fixing colours, adapting visuals with tints, shades, and curves, and manipulating exposure values, colour tones, vibrancy, saturation, highlights, shadows, contrast, and sharpness.

Examples of colour correction

Please use the slider to view the image before and after our team has adjusted the colours.

Graphic_Tasks_COLOUR_CORRECTION_BILKA_1200x690px_1.jpg Before
Graphic_Tasks_COLOUR_CORRECTION_BILKA_1200x690px_2.jpg After

Colour correction for JYSK

Graphic_Tasks_COLOUR_CORRECTION_SALLING_1200x690px_1.jpg Before
Graphic_Tasks_COLOUR_CORRECTION_SALLING_1200x690px_2.jpg After

Colour correction for Salling

Graphic_Tasks_COLOUR_CORRECTION_JYSK_1200x690px_1.jpg Before
Graphic_Tasks_COLOUR_CORRECTION_JYSK_1200x690px_2.jpg After

Colour correction for JYSK

Graphic_Tasks_COLOUR_CORRECTION_KK_1200x690px_1.jpg Before
Graphic_Tasks_COLOUR_CORRECTION_KK_1200x690px_2.jpg After

Colour correction for Rosendahl