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Focus on AI

AI is nothing new, but its impact is changing rapidly at the moment and keeping up with the trends, the upsides and potential pitfalls is not easy. In this section, we put focus on AI and what it means for now

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Serie: Focus on AI


4 weeks ago

How AI and human creativity work better together

The content production revolution

Let’s face it. AI isn’t going anywhere. Tools like Dall-e, Midjourney, ChatGPT, and Sora have disrupted the creative industry and revolutionised the way we all work.

8 months ago

Content creation is changing

Is content still King?

What will change, is the distribution of what artists are required to do. Some tasks we do today will become obsolete, the need for new skill sets will emerge.

8 months ago

AI is rocking our world

Creativity under siege

Creativity beyond algorithms: A toolkit for nurturing originality