Tochukwu Anene

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“If you really think about it, digital marketing is like playing chess – it’s all about making the right strategic moves online to capture your audience’s attention and outsmart your competitors, while avoiding falling into the checkmate of outdated tactics.””
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Strategist, executor, marketer

Tochukwu Anene is a seasoned digital marketing specialist with over 9 years of experience across multiple industries. With a passion for driving results and staying ahead of the curve. He oversees the creation and execution of SPRING Production's marketing strategy across all digital channels.

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Strategic thinking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, Marketing Analytics and Reporting, B2B marketing

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Tochukwu ,
what makes your work special to you?
“Knowing that a piece of content I worked on is valuable to my audience. “
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– Tochukwu Anene

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