Instant kudos

From November 1, 2020, SPRING Production Vietnam has been running an initiative called “Instant Kudos” (IK system), which aims to add a more quantitative base for choosing the Employee of the Month, and at the same time to create an office culture of appreciation and recognition among and across teams within SPRING Production Vietnam.

The IK system is conveniently added to a SPRING Production Teams group. All employees are added to this group, where they have access and can send Instant Kudos anytime, anywhere to whoever within SPRING Production Vietnam.

By the end of the month, number of Kudos sent and received is counted. The person with the greatest number of Instant Kudos received becomes the Employee of the Month. The first runner-up becomes the “Kudos Master”, and the second runner up – the “Kudos Jedi”. There is also an award that recognizes the person who sent out the greatest number of Instant Kudos, which is “The Most Grateful”. All four people get a recognition award and a cash incentive.

Instant Kudos have several advantages:
• They are more personalized, timely, and on point.
• By receiving an Instant Kudos, a person receives an instant emotional incentive.
• The Employee of the Month can be chosen based on a score system.
• The IK initiative is believed to contribute to understanding of 7 SPRING values.
• It could positively influence Better.Together mindset.