Why and how we care


We care about our business, our people, and the planet. Learn more about our responsibility to act sustainably.

Our take. Our decisions. Our impact.

We don’t believe that it is possible to look at sustainability in isolation. We take a holistic approach.

Our actions come with consequences for better and for worse. As we continue to develop our business, we take extra care to prioritise sustainability, using a holistic methods of improvement and circular thinking. 

Much of our work in implementing sustainable practices is founded on the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. We believe, together, as an industry, we can make a genuine impact. 

We take many initiatives in our efforts of being as responsible and sustainable as we possibly can be. As much as we would like to save the world, we are fully aware that we can’t. We also know that our carbon footprint are not in the high end, and we don’t use a lot of fossil fuel. Where we know, that we can make a difference is with the life we touch, and the people we work with. Being social responsible is of the highest importance for us, and a lot of our focus is put into this.

If you want to know more about how we work with social sustainability and being social responsible, we have created a social report about our work with our people and the efforts we make. We have a saying that SPRING Production always has to be a great place to work – and we always strive for this. We have monthly surveys to detect stress and similar. We have training for all staff, this is for execs as well as managers and all others. We have social activities to strengthen the bond between our esteemed colleagues. If you are interested in this report – send us an email with “Social report” in the subject and we will send it to you. 

We have also taken a pledge and are part of The ESG Codex created by the danish Employers Association GRAKOM. The Codex is a concrete interpretation of the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact. The ten principles are divided into four different catagories within human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. You can read about the principles here.

Our four goals

Like many others we are also working with the Sustainability Development Goals. We have chosen four goals that can make a real difference in our business and to the wider world.

Goal 05

Gender Equality

At SPRING, we believe gender equality is a human right. We want to do our part in accelerating the deconstruction of gender biases. To achieve this, we are committed to establishing a company in which everyone feels respected, valued and has equal opportunities regardless of their gender.

Goal 07

Affordable and Clean Energy

Acting responsibly and minimising our impact the planet has never been more important. We see ourselves supporting a transition into a greener future through both education and action.

Goal 08

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We want to be a positive influence wherever set up camp. As more than 300 people spread across five nations, we are committed to furthering our agenda of equitable and inclusive growth for ourselves and the communities we operate in.

Goal 17

Partnerships for the goals

Our company motto is Better.Together. By working together, we believe we can increase our sustainable impacts and prioritise the need for incorporating future generations' needs in our practices.