We know marketing execution and marketing production can be hard to understand. We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions about our line of business.  Should you have any questions, that you don’t find an answer to here, we are always just an email away.


Marketing execution is the process of turning your marketing strategy to life. Once your marketing strategy is in place and you’re ready to implement it, the execution of it is the next step.

We help our many global clients centralise and optimise their marketing execution to ensure brand consistency and transparency in cost structures – and ultimately to provide a competitive edge.

Similar to a marketing strategy plan, you should have an idea of how to execute your implementation and how you wish to bring your marketing to life. A marketing execution plan is, therefore, significant as it concerns how you implement your ideas and take them from pen and paper into the real world. A plan like this should always be in place as it is the final step of the execution of your ideas.


Proofing can be a very time-consuming task, but, at SPRING Production, we strive to keep proofing rounds to a minimum – all communication is gathered in one place to increase transparency and provide an easy overview of the corrections being actioned.

We use different proofing tools depending on the task at hand, but each one is designed to provide high levels of control and consistency, as well as time- and cost-savings for all our marketing execution clients.

Marketing execution services come in various shapes and forms, and the ones you need depend entirely on what you have planned to release in your marketing strategy. We offer a full palette of marketing execution services ranging from application and web development to 3D animations to versioning.

Simply put, a marketing implementation model allows businesses to decouple their production workload from in-house and external creative teams and assign it to a dedicated production agency. In doing this, businesses are no longer burdened by the responsibility of production, which gives their employees and agencies the freedom and time to focus on what they’re best at: being creative and securing the future of their business.

When businesses partner with us, we take control of their marketing production functions. A client’s lead creative agency and/or in-house marketing department will provide us with creative and strategic briefs, as well as design guides, which we use to produce a wide range of content and assets to suit their specific needs – whether they be simple one-off projects or a global omnichannel marketing campaigns.

By offering a holistic range of services that among others cover graphic design, 3D and motion graphics, app and web development and versioning, we help clients rise to every challenge, as well as saving them significant amounts of time and money.

Being specialists in marketing implementation means we’re able to provide countless benefits to businesses looking to maximise their creative production. Read on to discover the four key areas that define the way our marketing implementation model works.

SPRING Production is not only a supplier. We’re an integrated marketing execution partner that forges strong, co-operative ties with client businesses – we live and breathe your brand.

Outsourcing refers to the act of partnering with another company and making them responsible for existing and/or future activities. By decoupling the marketing production from the development, freedom to focus on and expand core competencies is gained in return, which ultimately provides a competitive edge.

Some companies experience more access to experts as the greatest advantage because it may speed up processes and allow more core business to be done. Others consider cost reductions and transforming fixed to variable costs as the most significant. However, sometimes the biggest advantage is simply being able to provide something, that could not be offered otherwise.

While the benefits of outsourcing are countless, disadvantages may occur too. Choosing the wrong partner may cause issues related to quality control and losing track of processes. However, by choosing a partnership carefully, these situations may easily be avoided.

3D motion concerns graphics that occur in three dimensions. The term covers any graphical visualization so long as it is three-dimensional. This includes animations, renderings, 360 ° spins, motion graphics, and much more. 3D motion is a perfect way to bring life to brands by transforming simple drawings into vivid experiences which give the viewer a sense of engagement.

3D renderings realistically visualise your products even before they exist. With special effects in real or animated settings, the possibilities with 3D renders are endless and they are, therefore, a superb way of bringing your ideas to life.

SPRING Production’s cutting edge 3D team can create realistic images of your product, even before it exists, and bring it to life with special effects in real or imagined settings. The possibilities are endless with 3D renders – and we’ll help you make the right choice for your global marketing strategy, whatever your needs. 


3D animations utilise motion to bring animated objects, characters, and props to life. Compelling 3D animations captivate audiences, and these animations can be used for anything from tutorials, informing about a product’s functionality, or telling a story.

Motion graphics are dynamic animations of design elements such as shapes, lines, and typographies that create an illusion of movement. These dynamic animations can be used to inspire markets by engaging the minds or moving audiences to act. They should, therefore, be considered a key element in a global marketing strategy.

To put it simply: yes, it is!

Let’s do some math: hiring a production specialist in-house will require a salary, company benefits, bonuses, and a whole range of overheads that could include anything from office space and desk equipment to software, hardware, and HR management –– it will not come cheap!

By leveraging the services of an outsourcing partner, you instantly remove the expense of hiring in-house and reap the benefits of a scalable and flexible workforce who can be ready at a moment’s notice.

Outsourcing has the potential to instantly change the dynamic of a business. By utilising a production partner, a company can expand their core competences and maintain a competitive edge – the advantages are endless.

Whether it be saving time and money by bolstering a marketing department with specialist, agile services, helping a business optimise their approach and marketing strategy, or maximising the impact and effectiveness of the production process, the need for outsourcing has never been more relevant.

When it comes to marketing production, it should be possible to outsource any aspect of your workload or functions.

Whether it is mass graphic production, retail leaflets or complex 3D motion, intuitive app and web development or simple versioning, the capabilities of industry leading production partners are far ranging.

You should consider where your competences need enhancing and where you can benefit most from cost-efficient production to make an informed decision about what to outsource.

There will come a time when you will have to assess when your business needs to focus on growth and reducing marketing production costs.

One of the first signs that you need an outsourcing partner will be when your marketing department becomes overburdened with work. Timescales, resources and quality may start to decline. Seasonal spikes in workload or specialist service provisions may also become difficult to manage and scaling to meet those demands becomes almost impossible.

When it gets to this point, you may want to seriously consider an outsourcing partner.

SPRING Map is our marketing automation platform. When we begin any new project – from 3D & motion to graphic design projects – this requires an enormous amount of planning and collaboration. With many briefs to write, multiple tasks to complete, constant approval processes and the need to tightly control budgets, businesses frequently lose transparency between departments and find it difficult to keep track of projects. When this happens, budgets tend to soar, and quality and consistency often decline.

To help our clients gain a complete overview of how their projects are progressing, we created SPRING MAP, a collaboration platform for managing the production and implementation of any project, no matter how complex.

SPRING MAP allows our teams to collaborate with clients through a custom, predefined workflow. It provides a holistic overview of how a project is progressing – from briefing to delivery­ – and allows stakeholders to define their own processes, helping them gain full control of every task. Notifications alert users when they need to take action so nothing is ever missed.

With SPRING MAP, briefing tasks has never been easier. By using pre-defined templates and custom workflows, stakeholders can better control estimations and simplify planning and proofing rounds ­­– all within the same workflow.

The platform is highly flexible and can be set up based on a company’s unique needs. Dashboards on both group and personal levels grant all stakeholders a 360-degree view of any project – from campaign overviews to individual tasks. It’s like stepping into a state-of-the-art cockpit: you get full control and complete visibility.

SPRING MAP can also optimise the asset workflow by working as part of the production process or as a stand-alone DAM platform. You can gather both briefing elements and final assets and create streamlined workflows that help structure your projects.


PowerPoint is a powerful graphic production tool capable of communicating strong ideas and captivating audiences with its flexible visual displays and attention-grabbing presentation features. But more often than not, PowerPoint design is just an afterthought.

Too many presentations fail to engage their intended audience because little thought has gone into its visual structure and delivery. So, if your presentations need a little TLC or a complete overhaul, just leave it to our PowerPoint specialists to work their magic. Their specialist knowledge combined with your brand style guide can transform even the most basic of presentations into compelling masterpieces.

International companies often have a need for different versions of powerpoint presentations. We provide these variations and adaptions.

Some may fear, that they will lose control of the quality, should they choose to outsource. This is NOT the case, if you choose the right outsourcing partner.  

Ensuring you select a reputable company who are responsible for recruiting the best staff and maintaining strict quality control processes is a critical consideration. With astute management and clearly defined processes in place, the partner you choose will be able to help you achieve your goals and uphold your brand integrity. We recommend you pay close attention to the values, case studies and onboarding procedures offered by production partners before outsourcing your work.

Corporate videos, commercials, explainers, and adaptations help promote and create awareness while engagingly encapsulating your brand. Our experienced video production team turns visions into reality with expert knowledge and state-of-the-art software.

App development concerns the process of planning, developing, and launching an app. Branded apps are a great way of reflecting brand identity or adding functionality to products while maintaining customer engagement.

HTML5 banners can captivate audiences’ attention and increase a website’s visitor count. This is why developing engaging displays for campaigns is an essential part of a marketing implementation as higher clickthrough rates may be achieved, which ultimately provide more interaction on a website.

When operating on a global market, the need for many different versions of these banners can be extremely time consuming and costly.

Website maintenance and continuous uploading of content are of crucial importance when striving to keep visitors engaged and interested in a brand.

Containing, organising, and administrating assets and data can boost productivity and efficiency as it significantly improves a company’s overview and accessibility to various content.

Retouching is a subtle skill that has the potential to improve skin textures, highlight a subject’s natural beauty, and optimise images for any need. Using industry-leading software, we remove flaws and improve image quality, highlight features, and make them stand out from the crowd. From portrait and landscape photography to product and e-commerce imagery, we are able to transform your assets into captivating, retouched marketing material.

We are offering a lot of different retouching tasks when we work with our clients. Among others:

  • Retouching to remove blemishes
  • Retouching to reduce wrinkles and creases
  • Retouching to improve subject details
  • Logo enhancement
  • Image extensions
  • Extensive photo manipulation and development
  • Retouching for improved shape and symmetry
  • Element removals
  • Dodge and burn


Clipping paths and background removals are techniques to make images more versatile and captivating. By using this technique, images can be reimagined and redesigned to befit any marketing desire.

Ghost mannequin and neck joint effects are image manipulation techniques in which the mannequin as well as its neck and bottom joints are removed. This is especially important within the fashion industry as mannequins may distract viewers from the clothing.

While shadowing effects make static images more realistic by adding shadows, mirroring effects mirror the objects in the image. These effects can be achieved through various photo manipulative techniques that turn otherwise flat images into compelling marketing assets.

To increase page speed metrics, images should be optimized and resized. Ensuring that a website’s images are in the ideal format, resolution, and quality allows for quicker load times, more server storage room, and increases user engagement.

Color correction is a digital technique that enhances image clarity and adds emphasis. The technique is used to transform often boring and uninspiring images into vibrant and captivating illustrations. Color correcting images allows for images to grab more attention and ultimately sets them apart from the competition.

Versioning and adaptation relate to modifying assets to fit local markets, or simply updating them with new information. These modifications may concern anything from translations of text to updating certain aspects of elements or content.

Language adaptation and version design are in many ways the core of our marketing production business.

We take your master files and adapt them for any number of countries or languages –– our agile service is built on insight, which allows us to meet the needs of any local market quickly and cost-effectively.

Onboarding is the first and most important step towards building strong, co-operative ties with our client partners. By making the whole process as simple and efficient as possible, we aim to provide you with the most profitable and effective service possible. Whether you need us to enhance your capabilities, provide scale and flexibility, or optimise your approach to production, we’re here to help you achieve your biggest ambitions. The steps of onboarding can be seen below.


Timeframe: Week 1-2

Every business is different and appreciating how you work is crucial to realising a mutually beneficial partnership. We use the investigation phase to gain a deep understanding of the ways your business operates, review current systems and processes, and outline the expectations for our relationship. By analysing the key needs, specifications, and IT requirements in relation to your projects, jobs, and workload, our expert onboarding team will work to identify key areas for optimisation, providing a framework and target timeline for delivering a seamless and collaborative working relationship.


Timeframe: Week 3

During the foundation phase, we prioritise defining the best practice. We will meet with your stakeholders and teams to discuss our workflow and optimisation suggestions and plan for onboarding the rest of the company. At this stage, SPRING Production is able to provide you with a comprehensive list of set-up recommendations that cover:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Process flow
  • Briefing forms
  • Master templates
  • Job specifications
  • Asset (file) handling and logistics
  • Technical set ups
  • Communication and meetings
  • Budgeting and invoicing
  • QC set-up
  • Approval and proofing set up

Each recommendation is custom designed with you, the client, in mind. Using our knowledge of your business, we take a pragmatic approach to fine-tuning your processes and adapting directly to your needs, ensuring all communications and projects can be quality checked and delivered on brand.


Timeframe: Week 3-4

The instruction phase is all about learning, training, and integrating ourselves into the core of your business. We will typically ask to work on a pilot project or job which will help us further understand how to brief our production teams, identify more areas for improvement, define dos and don’ts, and adapt to your visual brand universe. Based on clear guidance from you, our onboarding team will work to correct inefficiencies and guidelines and finalise an action plan for full implementation and quality control.


Timeframe: week 5 –>

The final implementation phase involves us using the learning outcomes from the previous stages to manage agreed jobs and execute a seamless production process. Through a dedicated project management team, we keep track of timelines, briefs, and deliverables and provide you with daily communications and regular status reports on active projects, keeping you in touch with every stage of production. Should any challenges or changes arise, we can provide instant flexibility and scalability to adapt to your needs head on. And as our partnership matures, we will schedule regular review meetings to provide feedback on our work and processes and discuss any further optimisations we think may benefit your business

Consistency is crucial to effective and profitable brand deployment, and we consider protecting uniformity of communication a high priority. We are able to position ourselves as gatekeepers, capable of becoming a guardian of quality in brand communication, defending our client’s marketing goals with exacting regulation and stringent quality assurance.

Marketing implementation goes far beyond creative content production, we actively protect the best interests of our clients and help them amplify their voices in an increasingly competitive world.

For large-scale 3D productions, automation is essential for building an efficient workflow. We use scripts and templates to prepare the 3D assets our clients send to us, which can save hundreds of hours over the course of a project.

For example, if a client requires 3000 GCI renders for their latest campaign, our developers will create preparation scripts that automatically clean CAD files and implement naming conventions, which can save our 3D team up to three minutes per file. So, 3000 X 3 mins = 9000 mins. That’s a total saving of 150 hours! Sometimes it’s the small things that count.

In today’s highly competitive world, businesses need their marketing materials delivered faster than ever before, and it’s pushing marketing production processes to the brink. To cope with this demand, many are turning to automation to help them save money and speed up their creative content production.
Our goal isn’t to sell you an expensive automation platform, we simply utilize the skills of our specialist developers to create solutions fit for the needed purpose. If you have data of any kind – whether it be an ERP system, a campaign management system, or just a simple spreadsheet – we can optimise the production process through our efficient automation tools. It could be transferring your data to predefined InDesign, banner, or motion graphic templates, or creating a new language or price version of a catalogue – all it takes is a few clicks.