Five reasons 3D animation will future-proof your business

We are now living in a golden age of technology; advances in computers and software have revolutionised the way brands communicate, making it cheaper and faster to create compelling 3D animated videos than ever before. And their use as a marketing tool is soaring – a huge 87% of businesses now use them to communicate their products and services.

The rise of 3D animation as an accessible global marketing strategy tool has allowed businesses to deliver engaging communications to broad audiences faster and cheaper than ever before. It provides marketers with the opportunity to show off their products and services with limitless creativity and a ensure they gain a competitive edge.

The power of animated content to amplify messages and engage audiences in imaginative ways means more and more businesses are investing heavily in its use to strengthen their digital marketing strategies.

So, if you’re still left wondering if 3D animation is right for you, here are five reasons why it can future-proof your business:

1. Turbo-charges engagement

To stand out and receive the attention you deserve, your brand messages needs to be delivered faster and more accessibly than ever before. 3D animation can turn complex messages and concepts into easily digestible visual content. For example, animations can offer audiences an engaging overview of a product’s look, functionality, and/or construction in seconds. The speed of delivery enhances audience engagement, while delivering information in an interesting way enhances recall and clarity.


2. Boosts brand image and recall

3D animations can enhance the way people perceive your brand. The quality and innovation found in branded animations can strengthen a businesses’ image and accelerate widespread recognition and appeal, helping to construct a memorable and unique brand persona in a competitive digital services landscape.


3. Cost-effective

3D animation has the advantage of being cheaper and less time intensive than traditional commercial video production. By removing the need for location shooting, hiring actors, preparing talking heads and extensive editing, animation streamlines the production process and enhances businesses’ ROI. 3D animations can also be adapted to varying budgets with a range of sequences and formats – from simple product explainers and rotations to high-end animated stories and premium renders – helping businesses fulfil their needs, no matter how big or small.


4. Versatile

3D animations are versatile – their design and digital production are not limited by traditional barriers associated with filmed content. 3D animators can create wild and imaginative visual concepts that engage audiences more than any other type of content. Whether it be an explainer video, a storytelling video, an infographic, or a product demo, the possibilities are endless.

3D elements can also help businesses adapt and change their content quickly and cheaply. By re-using existing 3D models, character designs and other resources to create new content, updating key marketing collateral and future-proofing marketing plans is made easier and more cost-effective.


5. Shareable

Social media has become an essential digital marketing channel, helping businesses increase their visibility through mass sharing. With Twitter users watching approximately 2 billion videos every day, the need for high-quality video animations has never been more crucial for reaching new audiences. By investing in 3D animations that engage audiences on social media with striking and accessible content, businesses can achieve extensive views and shares, enhancing awareness, lead generation, and conversions.