Marketing outsourcing FAQ

Are you still deciding whether marketing outsourcing is the right solution for you? We’ve answered your most frequently asked questions to help dispel misconceptions and give you a better understanding of how marketing production partners can optimise your business.

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#1 Why should I outsource my marketing production?

Outsourcing has the potential to instantly change the dynamic of a business. By utilising a production partner, a company can expand their core competences and maintain a competitive edge –– the advantages are endless. Whether it be saving time and money by bolstering a marketing department with specialist, agile services, helping a business optimise their approach and marketing strategy, or maximising the impact and effectiveness of the production process, the need for outsourcing has never been more relevant.

#2 Who is doing the work?

While this will depend entirely upon who you choose as a production partner, it stands to reason that many outsourcing providers will be able to provide industry specialists across a range of disciplines, covering graphic, motion and digital production –– not to mention the dedicated teams of project managers that ensure smooth delivery of work. The benefit of an outsourced workforce allows you to remove the stress related to hiring expensive and unvetted freelancers –– you need not worry about staff turnover or absences either, as many outsourcing partners can scale their service according to specific and seasonal needs.

#3 Is outsourcing really cost-effective?

To put it simply: yes, it is!

Let’s do some maths: hiring a production specialist in-house will require a salary, company benefits, bonuses, and a whole range of overheads that could include anything from office space and desk equipment to software, hardware, and HR management –– it’s not cheap! By leveraging the services of an outsourcing partner, you instantly remove the expense of hiring in-house and reap the benefits of a scalable and flexible workforce who can be ready at a moment’s notice.

#4 What are the pitfalls of outsourcing?

We’ll bet you’ve been told that outsourcing your marketing production can be a difficult and wasteful undertaking. Many people complain that outsourcing is hindered by language barriers, poor quality work, cultural differences, security concerns, hidden costs, and inconsistent lead times –– and while this can be true for some, we can assure you that if you do your research and choose wisely, you’ll not fall victim to rogue traders and substandard service.

You can find out more about how to choose the perfect outsourcing partner in our article ‘Lost in translation: How to ensure successful outsourcing’.

#5 What can I outsource?

When it comes to marketing production, it should be possible to outsource any aspect of your workload or functions. Whether it is mass graphic production or complex 3D motion, intuitive app and web development or simple versioning, the capabilities of industry leading production partners are far ranging. You should consider where your competences need enhancing and where you can benefit most from cost-efficient production to make an informed decision about what to outsource.

#6 When should I outsource?

There will come a time when you will have to assess when your business needs to focus on growth and reducing marketing production costs. One of the first signs that you need an outsourcing partner will be when your marketing department becomes overburdened with work –– timescales, resources and quality may start to decline. Seasonal spikes in workload or specialist service provisions may also become difficult to manage and scaling to meet those demands becomes almost impossible. When it gets to this point, you may want to seriously consider an outsourcing partner.

#7 Will I lose control of quality?

Not if you choose the right outsourcing partner.

Ensuring you select a reputable company who are responsible for recruiting the best staff and maintaining strict quality control processes is a critical consideration. With astute management and clearly defined processes in place, the partner you choose will be able to help you achieve your goals and uphold your brand integrity. We recommend you pay close attention to the values, case studies and onboarding procedures offered by production partners before outsourcing your work.



#8 My company data is private, can I still outsource?

Of course!

To ensure your data is secure, ask a production partner about their approach to security compliance, request to learn about their network and data privacy provisions, and discuss the potential of agreeing to an NDA. Most companies who offer outsourcing will be more than happy to show you how they take care of your most private matters.

#9 Is my company too big/small to outsource?

We hear this a lot and the answer is always the same: outsourcing responds to your specific needs, it doesn’t matter how large or small your business is.

Outsourcing partners are defined by their ability to provide scale, they adapt to your challenges head on and provide flexibility when necessary. You can ask them to provide extra capacity when seasonal demands get too much, deliver specialist services when your inhouse team aren’t trained, or even manage whole production functions throughout the year. It’s up to you how you use them.

#10 How important is onboarding/training?

Onboarding is a critical factor to consider when choosing an outsourcing partner –– it provides the foundation for the entire working relationship. It is essential that you find a partner who can become an extension of your business, one who offers simplicity and transparency throughout the process. Ensure that your production partner understands your needs and can offer practical solutions to your problems.

You can learn more about SPRING Production’s approach to onboarding here: The SPRING Production Onboarding Process

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