3 months ago

Our Annual Charity Trip for Educational Support

Our annual program to provide vital support to vulnerable children in Vietnam.

As another year comes, we continue our mission of spreading love and care to underprivileged children in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.

Another Year of Spreading Love and Care to Vietnamese Children

The Charity Trip 2023 to Tra Vinh province is a part of our annual program to provide vital support to vulnerable children in Vietnam, particularly in the field of education. Our noble mission is to nurture and empower these young minds, giving them tools to break free from the chains of poverty and build a future filled with endless possibilities.

Partnering with Saigon Children’s Charity (SCC), we had a great incredible opportunity to engage with lovely children at Tra Vinh. Alongside with providing scholarships, this year we went beyond by offering gifts, school supplies, and organizing games and sports activities for these students. Their innocent eyes, beaming smiles, and energetic attitudes inspired us and filled our trip with heartwarming memories.

Going Beyond Duty: Giving Back with Heart and Purpose

Embracing the key messages “From Small Acts, To Big Smiles”, this annual trip is not merely a task for each and every one of us at SPRING Production; it is a way for us to demonstrate our collective care and support to these students. Our goal is to light up hopes and dreams within the youth, letting them know that the world cares about them and that we are working towards setting them free to thrive. Through educational support, we aim to sow the seeds for a future where these young minds can stand tall and dream big.

As we strike towards a vision of #BetterTogether, this collective effort that we have embarked on at SPRING Production inspires us to spread positive change throughout our community and build a better future for the next generations.


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