Kick-Starter Stakeholders and Milestones

You are in the middle of your changes and want to drive your issues forward. To do this, you need to involve and inform all the key stakeholders in your company. Who are all these relevant stakeholders? And what milestones need to be considered? With a fresh view and new impulses from outside, we look at these questions and provide you with clarity.

In a short time span, we can concretely clarify the WHAT, WHEN, WHO, and HOW.

These contents await you

In order to identify your relevant stakeholders at a glance and to put them in relation to your project, we create a stakeholder map.

Together we discuss and highlight your objectives and assemble a first milestone plan. Examining dependencies and potential showstoppers also plays a role here and assessing the factors will provide you with a clear idea of how to proceed with your next steps.

This is what you will take away with you:

- Stakeholder map for further use

- Goals and milestone planning with dependencies and showstoppers

- Clarity about your approach and the next steps 

What's in it for you at a glance:

With these two essential steps, guided by external support and sparring, you now know the WHAT, WHEN, WHO, and HOW.

You get clarity through transparency and structure. The project is no longer a huge mountain to climb with countless possibilities and dependencies. Now you have defined and concrete steps and milestones. With the stakeholder map, it is now immediately clear to you, who exactly needs to be involved in your project and, above all, how they can be integrated, convinced, or developed to ambassadors.

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