2 years ago

Welcome to Harboe’s Brewery

Making new partnerships is always something special, and our latest collaboration is no different.

The well-known Danish brewery Harboe decided to rethink its visual brand identity on behalf of customer feedback. The Brewery’s new design was, therefore, created by their lead agency, and the following packaging artwork was needed to illustrate the long company history and tie it together with the new modern and fresh brand identity.

While the lead agency developed the fundamental design behind its new identity, Harboe’s Brewery needed assistance with launching its redesigned products in the Danish Market – and this is where we could help.

Their new style needed, not only to be portrayed in the shape of a new logo but similarly through the coloring and label designs, which may be extremely difficult when dealing with bottles and cans. So, our artwork experts put in the effort and perfected the visual presentation of the products through implementations and colorings of the small “soda pop wave”, a coat of arms, and the overall presentation of the products.

In addition to these new design choices, it had previously been a challenge to make a visual connection between the artwork and the product content, and the broad assortment of flavors made it difficult for the consumers to distinguish between the various sorts. However, by adding in the right Pantone colors, and with slight differences in sugar-free variations, these challenges were steadily overcome.

Upon concluding the artwork, it is safe to say that we and Harboe are very excited about our work, and so are the customers as portrayed from initial projections. We are, therefore, certain that Harboe’s sodas will continue to be fan favorites and find their way to dinner tables all across Denmark.

Ninalouise Rasmussen, the Marketing & Category Director at Harboe’s Brewery, said these nice words about choosing to partner with us. 

“SPRING Production has been a highly competent, efficient, and cost-effective partner for our large design-roll out project, where they have also been highly competent advisor in choosing just the right colors for our products, to come alive in stores all over Denmark. After this project, we have now chosen to partner with SPRING Production as a permanent partner for design production in our Scandinavian and Export business.”

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