WE WILL MAKE YOUR PRODUCT LOOK ITS VERY BEST THROUGH Clipping paths, retouching and image manipulation

Whatever your photo and graphics optimisation requirements are, we can help you with a high-quality, quick and cost-efficient solution. From jewellery, automotive and accessories retouching to industrial machine image optimisation, cosmetic products editing and enhancement of clothing and accessories lines, our experienced team will make sure the result is perfect. We master all techniques in regards to clipping paths, channel masking, retouching and image manipulation.

Color correction and image manipulation for Arla

Graphic_Tasks_RETOUCH_ARLA_1200x690px_1.jpg Before
Graphic_Tasks_RETOUCH_ARLA_1200x690px_2.jpg After

Image manipulation for Grundfos

Graphic_Tasks_RETOUCH_GRUNDFOS_1200x690px_1.jpg Before
Graphic_Tasks_RETOUCH_GRUNDFOS_1200x690px_2.jpg After

Image manipulation for Rosendahl

Graphic_Tasks_RETOUCH_KK_1200x690px_1.jpg Before
Graphic_Tasks_RETOUCH_KK_1200x690px_2.jpg After

Retouch and colour correction for Salling

Graphic_Tasks_RETOUCH_SALLING_1200x690px_1.jpg Before
Graphic_Tasks_RETOUCH_SALLING_1200x690px_2.jpg After