Marketing implementation for Grundfos

Grundfos needed a partner who could plan and coordinate large projects, from their marketing team to local stakeholders. These were huge tasks; therefore SPRING Production carefully examined every aspect in order to ensure the best production process and results.

Case facts at a glance


Campaign elements versioned pr year

Based on Grundfos' CVI we manage, design, and version more than 10000 campaign elements every year.


Different Markets

Being present in 60 different markets, Grundfos needs a easy localisation of all marketing elements.


Different Languages

We version Grundfos marketing elements into more than 30 different languages without compromising the master editions.

Our partnership with Grundfos summed up in less than twenty words.

Our strong setup for versioning, scalability and high quality makes us partner well with a client like Grundfos.


Grundfos needed a partner who could deliver thousands of assets in everything from educational videos to 3D visualizations and adverts.


We set of everything making sure that the more than 10.000 campaign elements could be handled with the proper care.


Our partnership with Grundfos has turned out to be ...

an important partnership where planning, coordination of big projects have ensured great results. Yearly, we deliver:  

  • Educational videos across more than 30 languages
  • 6 Product videos translated into 25 languages a year
  • Regularly version catalogues, brochures, and flyers
  • Design layouts of local websites, subsites and other content
  • 3D visualization of high-quality digital content
  • Manage and design campaigns based on Grundfos’ CVI’s
  • Campaigns including adverts, catalogues, brochures, flyers, HTML banners and VR production

What we do.

Due to their presence in more than 60 markets, Grundfos relies heavily on SPRING Production for planning and coordinating large projects.

We support Grundfos through our extensive range of services, and similarly through fast and easy localisation of all their marketing materials.

Our work.

We plan and coordinate large projects and carefully examine every aspect to ensure the best production process and the following results.

Although versioning is a huge part of what we do for Grundfos, it is just one of many services we provide. Web design, 3D visualization, corporate videos, and campaign execution, are among these other services, and we continuously strive for the highest quality in each version and production. 

Gitte Kirkeby Søe, Group Director GRUNDFOS

“The fact that SPRING Production can version more than 10000 campaign elements each year without compromising quality is hugely important to us.”

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