3D production for Medion


Medion needed animations and laptops rendered - all in just over 2 months because of the product launch of The Medion Erazer Beast X40. This was a very big challenge, we made it work!

Case release:
Mar 2023

3D & Motion

"Pictures are great. With this all orders are completed! Due to the time once again a very challenging project but the result is great as always "

The Challenge

Medion urgently needed a huge volume of work; 2x 3D animations and 7x laptops rendered - all in just over 2 months as they rushed for an important event of their strategic product launch – The Medion Erazer Beast X40.


    The Solution

    With flexible and quick resource arrangement, a customized workflow for bigger team size and workload and dedicated Quality Control setup to ensure consistency across all delivery we made it work. Constant communication on both internal production team and client was the key to success.


      The Result

      Within the two months we delivered the requested material of both multiple animations and laptop renders, beneath you can see the result og the animation.

      • 2x 3D animations
      • 144x still renders

      A few examples of stills

      In the entire process we produced more than 100 still renders, here are a few example on some of the work we made.

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