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Lifelong Learning Opportunities for our People

Bjørn Kryger
At SPRING Production, we have been putting lots of effort into training initiatives for the employees' professional growth and development.
COO of SPRING Production, Lone Soendergaard Larsen during a workshop in SPRING Production Vietnam
SPRING Production Vietnam training

Internal education is crucial as it fosters continuous learning and development of our very talented staff. It empowers our employees to acquire new skills, stay updated on industry trends, and adapt to evolving technologies. All things that are essential for us to stay ahead of the curve, and being the first to know. On top of that, internal education promotes employee engagement, job satisfaction, and retention. We don’t see education as a cost, but as en investment and investing in internal education is what also drives organizational success in a rapidly changing world.

At SPRING Production, we have been putting lots of effort into training initiatives for the employees’ professional growth and development. This year, we’ve introduced a brand-new SPRING Educational Wheel, embodying the commitment to fostering growth and learning within our organisation in 12 courses during the year.

With the upcoming series of internal courses, we are positive to meet the demands of our ever-evolving workforce. Besides technical training courses conducted by the departmental experts, those sessions have been carefully designed to emphasize the significance of soft skills and to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the company, its values, and how we work.

Once a month, these sessions will be held and offer exciting opportunities for lifelong learning and growth. We’re excited to see the progress of striving together and bring out exceptional work!

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