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SPRING Production sign on to the Pitch Positive Pledge

Bjørn Kryger
In a modern world where time is everything, not wasting it is of the highest value.

The Pitch Positive Pledge is an industry wide initiative to help make the pitch process more intentional, accountable and responsible for both advertisers and agencies. The pledge will drive better outcomes including more transparency, better mental health and so better-quality work, fewer costs and less wastage.

As the name indicate it aims to make the pitching process more positive for everyone involved – advertisers, agencies and intermediaries. It is a set of commitments that can reduce the negative impact of pitching on people, profit, and the planet. You can read more about the Pitch Positive Pledge here, but in short, this is what it is all about.

Three key aims:

  • Be positive that a pitch is actually required – advertisers and agencies should only pitch when it is truly necessary to do so.
  • Run a positive pitch – the process should be fair, respectful, and efficient.
  • Provide a positive resolution – all parties should communicate the outcome of the pitch clearly and respectfully.

The Pitch Positive Pledge can benefit both advertisers and agencies:

  • For advertisers – it can lead to more effective and efficient pitches.
  • For agencies – it can lead to more sustainable and profitable relationships with their clients.
  • For both – it can lead to a more positive and productive working environment.

If you are interested to know more about the commitments that the parties agree to when signing the pledge, we encourage you to visit the website mentioned above. You can also find examples on which approach could be considered best for the many types of pitches.

The pledge is very much aligned to SPRING Production’s focus on optimising processes, ensuring full transparency of costs, and providing better quality finished work that helps unlock your marketing potential.

SPRING Production are proud to be a signatory to the Pitch Positive Pledge along with many other great brands, businesses, agencies, and suppliers.

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