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Our visit to Tra Vinh with Saigon Children’s Charity

Mai Anh Hoang Thi


In November 2022, we had a trip to Tra Vinh province with Saigon Children’s Charity (SCC). This is a part of our annual charity activity to support underprivileged children in education. And till now, SPRING Production charity program has reached 12 years of accompanying Vietnamese children in providing life-changing assistance and learning opportunities to reach their full potential.

Due to the adverse effects of the pandemic, many families cannot afford their livings, especially facing food shortages. And with the risk of global economic recession, together are creating detrimental impediments to their education progress – a major indicator of future success. In fact, 100 out of 300 students at Tieu Can secondary school dropped out last year.

With the provision of education support, we believe our effort can help vulnerable parts of Vietnamese young generation to open doors of opportunities and set them free from poverty in the future; it’s not only about surviving but also thriving in life.

Therefore in this year’s visit, besides sending our scholarships and school facilities, we had a great time sharing stories and playing games with these lovely children to show the caring love and attention they deserve. We’re pleased to see their radiant smiles as we know we are on the right track to bring a little bit of our love, and contribute a little bit of our heart to make our community #bettertogether

A few pictures from our visit

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