Chúc mừng! Celebrating 15 years in Vietnam

SPRING Productions growth isn’t just about the increasing number of employees – more than 230 motorbikes have joined the SPRING Production family as well. This year, we at SPRING Production celebrate 15 years in Vietnam. This significant milestone marks not only the passage of time but also the multitude of experiences and overcome challenges, which […]

Ask SPRING eps 3 – With Jack & Ina

In this podcast episode, Ina joins Jack, to discuss some of the challenges that B2B marketing teams face. They explore topics such as cultural differences, language barriers, budget constraints, and the evolving role of sales and marketing in B2B organizations. Ina highlights the importance of understanding and adapting to different cultures when working with colleagues […]

Ask SPRING Episode 2 with Jack and Tom

Introducing the second full length vide in our Ask SPRING series. In this discussion, Jack Threlfall, head of content writing at SPRING Production, and Tom Bird, strategic partnership director at SPRING Production, delve deep into the complexities of the ever-changing marketing landscape. Prepare to be filled with knowledge based on decades of experience.  Discover the […]

SPRING Production sign on to the Pitch Positive Pledge

The Pitch Positive Pledge is an industry wide initiative to help make the pitch process more intentional, accountable and responsible for both advertisers and agencies. The pledge will drive better outcomes including more transparency, better mental health and so better-quality work, fewer costs and less wastage. As the name indicate it aims to make the pitching process […]

DAM, I wish I was your lover

In 1993, Sophie B Hawkins released her breakthrough single ‘DAMN, I WISH I WAS YOUR LOVER’ to global and critical acclaim. At around the same time, something else was being released that would go on to become a marketing mainstay – the Digital Asset Management, or DAM, system. Coincidence? Clearly. But both have had a […]

Lone Søndergaard wins Nordic Leadership Award

Last Saturday, Oct 28th 2023, our esteemed COO, Lone Søndergaard Larsen, was awarded the prestigious Nordic Leadership Award – “Nordic Leader of the Year” hosted by NordCham Vietnam. The Nordic Business Awards 2023 marked a new milestone in her achievement for exceptional leadership style. Besides the annual list of business awards, NordCham gave special recognition […]

Welcome to Harboe’s Brewery

Making new partnerships is always something special, and our latest collaboration is no different. The well-known Danish brewery Harboe decided to rethink its visual brand identity on behalf of customer feedback. The Brewery’s new design was, therefore, created by their lead agency, and the following packaging artwork was needed to illustrate the long company history […]

Read our white paper

We have written a white paper that goes a bit more to depth on what is is we are doing at SPRING Production, and how we help companies all over the world. If you would like to learn some more about the world of Marketing Production, we suggest you take a look at it, and […]

New amazing Medion Erazer video

Once again we have had the pleasure on working with Medion on their Erazer series. This time its the Erazer Major X10, a notebook specifically made for gaming. Its not the first time, we have made a video for Medion, but that doesn’t make us any less proud. When you see this video, we are […]

SPRING Production adds Poland to list of locations

We are delighted to announce that our first office in Poland is now open! After exceptional levels of growth over the past 3 years, we decided it was time to develop the SPRING Production family with a new central European office; one that was capable of meeting the needs of our expanding client base. In […]