Workflows / File logistics

Handling files can be a time-consuming process. Whether it’s manually sending and receiving assets, exporting and checking files, or just following up, the minutes spent on handling these tasks can seriously add up.

As an experienced marketing implementation agency, we are able to optimise these tasks with precise, lean processes, saving you both time and money – it’s not rocket science, it’s what we do to build strong client relationships. We integrate our workflow automation tools together with your systems or, if you need it, provide you with systems that can benefit from our production engine and workflows.


We use workflows for faster production

Our workflow systems can help you track projects, tasks and files with customisable dashboards and automated logging processes. This way we can ensure progress is always made and files aren’t lost in transfers. For example, when handling large retail catalogues for multiple markets and varying print specifications, our workflow systems can handle all of the file naming processes, transfers and PDF exports based on job tickets. Everything down to color profile is predefined, so mistakes and expensive reprints never occur. This means our teams only have to focus on layout and the visual QC, and the more technical prepress checks are built into the workflow, so potential print issues are flagged and fixed easily by the team.

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Working smarter


Working smarter
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Proofing tools for all kinds of tasks

Working smarter
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