Relax and let us handle it

When you leave a production task in the hands of SPRING Production, you do not have to worry about a thing. Our project managers in Denmark or Vietnam will assign the right people for the job and make sure everything goes according to plan throughout the process. Moreover, we have the tools and management systems in place to make sure that you can follow the status of your project online at any given time from anywhere in the world.


InVision is basically a prototyping tool, offering us a chance to create clickable versions of an online design. It’s a relatively fast and easy process and means we can be on the same page and show you rather than explain where we’re at.       


For the larger productions as a partner of Encode we can offer both simple ready to use implementation of their Creative Project Management solution for both task handling and proofing or full-blown global implementation also with Campaign Management and Product Content Management.

By having a collaboration platform where all interactions are gathered over-all efficiency is improved. It is easy for everybody to keep track on projects/campaigns, tasks, their stages and files needed for production is uploaded/ready. This will also make sure you don’t lose a production in an local archive that later needs to be amended, since you’ll be able to see the history of all tasks, revisions and audits trails.

Smart workflow rules will notify your stakeholders about needed actions along with the main dashboard being so customizable that it even can show calculated spend versus budget, calendar planning along with other business intelligence displayed easy visually understood as graphs.


Asana is an award-winning project management tool that simply lets everyone in a team know what needs to be done on a specific project, who’s responsible for doing it and when it’s due. That way we always know the status of a project and the next step – without spending endless time on gtrying to get hold of eachother to find out. Every time there’s an action point regarding the relevant project in Asana, the team will get an email notification. 

As a client you have the chance to access Asana, too, to start up new projects, go through the history or view the status and expected delivery of a project. It’s our way of creating 100% transparency in what we do and making sure errors don’t occur because of lack of communication on a busy day.